Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sweet Dreams

Yesserday was a hard and sad day. I spent most of it wif family boff RL and here in SL. Dat means lotsa cuddles for Rory. It also means a bery quiet Rory. Ana at da end of da day all I wanted to do was get comfy and curl up in da dark, maybe look at some stars. Dese pajamas and mah new bed from Little Trinkets was perfect for dat.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes -  Skye
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Qopi
Outfit: { lil unicorn } - Dino 'Jamas - Grey
Bed: {LT} - Pallet Bed - Dots *NEW*

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mudpies in Candyland

So imma not sure what all happened wif da Sweet Tooth event, but I wandered over to the Mudpie Event to see what all was out, and omgah sooo cute. I got so many fings dere! And dere were candy and  cupcakes and mudpies! Imma end up wif a tummy ache and haffing to take a bery long baff.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Reflection Eyes -  Fern
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: D!va Hair - Bambi
Outfit: :.PB.: Petite Bebe - Yummy Bunny Playsuit (@ Mudpie*NEW*
Lollipop: Haute Toddee - Sweet Tweet Pops (@ Mudpie*NEW*
Necklace & Ring: .Atomic. - {Double Scoop} Jewelry Set

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dress Up

So mine big spent all day shopping which made me oober jealous. Imma needed to play some dress up to make me feel a lil better and dese deff did da trick. Dese cute little dresses are brand new by Spoiled Angels.  Dey are abailable only in da mainstore right now, and dere is a 15% discount for group members.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes - Meadow
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Harmony
Outfit 1: [S][A] Alice Dress - Teal *NEW*
Pose: (.vix)MP - cray cray adorbs 3
Outfit 2: [S][A] Alice Dress - Pink *NEW*
Pose: (.vix)MP - cray cray adorbs 6
Outfit 3: [S][A] Alice Dress - Blue *NEW*
Pose: .mien. - {mora} 06
Outfit 4: [S][A] Alice Dress - Purple *NEW*
Pose: .mien. - {mora} 05
(Outfits include: Dress, shoes, tights, hair bows, earrings, ring, and necklace)

Flower Girl

I normally like to write a bit wif each of mah posrts, but today I just don't haff it in me. So imma just sit here ana look pretty.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes - Meadow
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: Magika - Shimmer
Dress: ToddleTeeZ - Spring Dress {Blue}
Hat: {T.T} {T.T}Princess of roses Veil Hat (@ ATLT, May 1st) *NEW*
Shoes: {T.T} - Bliss Sky - Kitty Flats *NEW*
(also shown, Bliss Candy, Bliss Happy, Bliss Rainbow, and Bliss Rose)
Pose: (.vix)MP - Hands All Over 1

Monday, April 27, 2015

Up, Up, and Away

Sometimes when life gets a hard, I jus wanna fly away. Take a break and just act like ebryfing is all peachy. Real life we can't really do dat, but in SL we totes can. Especially when I has an adorable lil umbrella dat helps me fly. Luckily, as imma dealing wif da sad and da hard stuff, I has a family ana friends who luffs me ana understands ana cheers me up. <3


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightcape Eyes - Skye
Hair: Lamb. - Miss Mabel V2 (@ TAG! Gacha) *NEW*
Dress: {Blubb} - Hana
Shoes: Noodles - Lil Rose Barefoot Sandals TD Baby Tiffany
Binkie: :>IP JR Binky<: Unicorn Dots - White
Umbrella(s): {T.T} - Miss Poppins Umbrella *NEW*

A Pirate's Life for Me!

Imma dun like baff time. No no no. Dere is so many udder fings I could be doing dan sitting still in a tub. Dat being said, once imma in da tub, if dere are toys ana fun stuffs, I usually won't frow to much of a fit. Today imma played around like I was da dread pirate roberts and I was fightin on da high seas! Imma allllll squeaky clean now, but Mommy n Daddy probably won't bee too happy about da bubble mess on da floors. 


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: L'Anguisette -  Nightscape Eyes - Meadow
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: Magika - Shade
Hat & Eyepatch: {T.T} - King of Pirates (@ ATLT, May 1st) *NEW*
Towel: :*BABY*: -  Shower time - Towel (Cream)
Bathroom Set- {LT} Splish Splash Gacha *NEW*
(Bathmat, Bubble Mess, Bubble Sink, Bubble Tub, Laundry Basket, Light Switch, Stool, Toilet, and Toilet Paper)
Pose: {willard} young & beautiful - 5

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Maxi Love

Sping is here and summer is comming! I wanna kick mah shoes off ana run around in da grass, maybe roll down a hill or two. Might hafta hide from Momma when I come home wif grass stains on mah clothes.

I has a luff affair wif ebryfing maxi; maxi dresses, maxi skirts. Hence dis outfit,,, too too dorbs. And it's flowery! Goes perfectly as fings change into spring. Ana can I jus say how dang pretty da family sim is? I take lotsa mah pictures here :D


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes -  Royal
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Vida
Outfit: [S][A] - Roula Dress
(includes 2 tops, skirt, headband, purse, wedges)
Pose: an lar [poses] - Julep Three

Friday, April 24, 2015

Geek Chic

After a long day, all I wanna do is curl up in a corner wif a blanket ana good book. Yes, imma nerd. Ana I has no shame bout it. Of course mah studio is decorated are nerdy too. Rainbow and nerd and pretty wif a touch of tomboy lol.

The thing I luff about dis little outfit is dat bof girls ana boys can wear it, ana it looks cute on eidder. I fink it's technically a boys outfit, but I dun follow da ruuules.

Rebel wifout a cause!


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette -  BabyDoll Eyes - Mocha
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: :*BABY*: - Hair Bibi
Outfit: [S][B] - Urkle Outfit
(includes shirt, jacket, pants, glasses, socks, and sneakers)
Pose: .mien. - {mora} 05

LISP - Macabre Shelf
.trinket. - geek & nerd banners - geek chic - gold
+Half-Deer+ - Fairy Curtain - Tied (Whie)
+Half-Deer+ - Kerfluffle Sheep II - Sir Fluffle
~silentsparrow~ - Woofie (Rosa) Sitting
~silentsparrow~ - Pwnie Floppy (Pretty Princess)
Noodles - Books to Dreaming
Noodles - Books to Nightmares 1


So imma tend to be a tomboy of sorts, most of da time, but I do like to dress up sometimes. Imma Daddy's tomboy princess. So of course dis dress was perfect. It is sooooo pretty and reminds of dresses from way back in da day. Like I belong in Pride & Prejudice. Wonder if Daddy will let me has a Mr Darcy...

Today is the last day to get it at the Woodlands!


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Precious Stones Eyes - Peridot
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: [RA] - Julie Hair
Dress:  *-*Purretes*-*(MP) - Versailles Dress Baby Blue *NEW*
Shoes: *-*Purretes*-*(MP) - Versailles Shoes Baby Blue *NEW*
Crown: *-*Purretes*-*(MP) - Crown Royal Versailles RARE *NEW*
Pose: .mien. - {mora} 03

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beach Day!

So mine amazing sister Lily made dis purdy bikini! Soooo so cute right. Imma had it in mah inbentory but didn't haff a chance to wear it yet. Den da whole family hung out at our ittle pribate beach da udder day. So purdy and calm and relaxing. And so much stuff comes wif da outfit. Best part is, it comes wif floaties, cuz I dunno how to swim yet!


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: :*BABY*: - Hair Sarah
Outfit: [S][A] - Solei Kini - Black
(includes bikini, hat, sandals, floaties, and bucket)
Glasses: .Reckless. - Fett .Black.
Pose: .mien. - {mora} 02

:CP: - Tiki Pea Bar 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Working Hard... Or Hardly Working?

First off, sorry for no post yesserday. I took da day off because it was mine birfday and I had udder stuffs to do! Mine daddy took me to Alice in Wonderland *dies* and gabes me all kinds of fun lil gifts, like lotsa unicorn stuffs and dat cute lil Mishmish owl in da picture.

Also, mine outfit was a lil off da wall... looked like rainbows n unicorns barfeded on me :D

Ana at da end of da day, mine sister made me a lil island ana I put togeffer mine playhouse/office (dats mah desk in da picture). So today I was a good girl and spent da day working on getting caught up on mah blogging, ana pictures, ana working on creating some cute lil pajamas!

But, for now, it time to go collapse <3


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette -  Nightscape Eyes -  "Hazel"
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: [RA] - Michelle Hair
Shirt: {LT} - DapperSuit - PinStripe Shirt
Jacket: {LT} - DapperSuit - Black Jacket
Pants: {LT} - -DapperSuit - PinStripe Trousers
Shoes: {LT} - Dapper Shoes (Black&Blue)
Pose: (marukin) - [candie] honey honey

Fancy Decor - Desk & Cabinets
-tres blah- Workspace - Inspiration Board 2
dust bunny - bunny computer . white
NACH - Heart Plantpot I Heart U
Schadenfreude - Pink Pigasus Piggie Wiggie
Schadenfreude - Sparrow Brocade Dress Form
*MishMish* - Tawny Owl

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

"You're entirely bonkers. But I'l tell you a secret. All the best people are."

Alice in Wonderland is ma absolute faborite Disney film, eber. Obiously. So dis round of Bro I Gacha made me go a lil crazy. I fink mah faborite part was dat you hafta go down da rabbit hole to get to all da gacha machines. I spent allll mah 'llowance dere lol, but now I haff a fabulous Alice themed room. Daddy eben took me to get a real looking Alice and Cheshire Cat for mah room. Oh, and I got dis binky totally by s'prise. I was getting some princess ones and dis one popped out as a mystery one! Ana tomorrow will be da only day during da year dat won't be Alice themed, cuz it won be mah unbirthday :D


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Precious Stones Eyes - Topaz
Hair: [RA] - Velma Hair
Top: {LT} - OpenHoodie - Paisley *NEW*
Pants: ::FY:: - Slouchy Denim Dark Blue
Shoes:  {LT} - SlipOns - Grunge *NEW*
Binky: :>IP JR Binky<: Enchanted Binky - Mystery #1
Glasses: { lil unicorn } - Nerd Glasses *COMING SOON*
Doll: [A.S.T.](MP) - Cute Alice Doll
Tree: .:V:. Paint the Roses Red Wall Art (@ Bro I Gacha) *NEW*
Pictures: #Rewind(MP) - Alice Frames (@ Bro I Gacha*NEW*

Friday, April 17, 2015

What Does the Fox Say?!

Okay, so really, I HAAAATE dat song, but wif all da foxies, how could I not?

Imma been haffing lossa fun playing in da fairy garden at da house. It so so pretty and mah sisser Stella and mine daddy did such a good job decorating it.

I love dat da fox is wearing a lil top hat, and I am always down for some new jammies. Imma need em for snuggling wif momma ana daddy. Ana for da nights when dey aren't around, dis cute new bed! Has super cute animations and eberyfing has color change menus.

*yawns* I fink it might be nap time...


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Reflection Eyes - Slate
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: :*BABY*: - Hair Miki - ToddleeDoo
Top: [Little Deer] - Foxy Jammies Top Gentleman RARE (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Pants: [Little Deer] - Foxy Jammies Bottoms Dark Green (@ Dream Kids Mall) *NEW*
Pet: Birdy/Alchemy -Forest Babies  - Fox - Gray
Bed: {LT} - LittleVictorian - Nightmare *NEW*
Pose: {T.T} - Spring Time Single Pose *NEW*

Limited 50

If you hasn't been to Limited 50, yous should totally go. Like, right MEOW. Go MEOW! Dere's only 50 copies of each item, ana once dey are gone, dey are gone for good. Da outfit from Tiny Trinkets is so so cute and comes wif so much stuffs! Ana da outfit from Blubb is so pretty and girly. 

 Outfit #1

Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Beach Glass Eyes - Garnet
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: Magika - You
Outfit: {T.T}- Amelia TD Outfit (@ Limited 50) *NEW*
(includes 3 tops, pants, shoes, earings, collar necklace, and purse)
Necklace: {.: DollFace :.} - Gold Leaf Necklace (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Pose: (marukin) - [candie] honey honey

 Outfit #2

Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Beach Glass Eyes - Garnet
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: Magika - You
Outfit: {Blubb} - Little Rose (@ Limited 50*NEW*
(includes top, pants, sandals, and bow)
Pose: (marukin) - [candie] try a little harder

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Sooooo... I may or may not haff gotten a cute little bush wif da deer... daddy wasn't too thrilled bout it. But den again, he really wouldn be about a pee bush for da yard xD

And these outfits by Purettes! Ohmahgah, so cutes. Dere are 3 diff styles in da gacha machine, 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 shoes. Ohmahgah!

Also, dose of you dat know me, already know how much I luff owls... if you don't know me, I super luff dem. So when I saw da gacha full of little owls, I may haff squealed... but jus a little bit ;)


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Beach Glass Eyes - Slate
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: D!va Hair - Juno Type A
Sweater: *-*Purretes*-*(MP) Mariposa Top (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Pants: *-*Purretes*-*(MP) Mariposa Jeans (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Shoes: *-*Purretes*-*(MP) Mariposa  Sneakers (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Owl: Droplet - Magic Of Nature Owl - Green (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Deer:  2 of a Kind - NATURE *Fun Bear*(@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*

As You Wish

"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."

Yes, I know dis is a Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts, but I luff dat quote.

Princess Bride is one of mah faaaaaborite movies, so of course when I saw dis outfit at All The Little Things I jus had to haff it! Thankies to mah Daddy for getting it for me. It eben comes wif a little rainbow sword! If dere's anyfing you wanted from ATLT, get going and go find it now, it closes dis Saturday.

And today was a good day. Spent some time working on all of my different hobbies in SL. Got to haff a little sit down lunch wif mine sissers, mah niece, and mah momma. We had chicken, and mac n cheese, and fruit, and green milkshakes instead of salads xD Now imma jus curled up hiding in momma's office while we bof work.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes - Meadow
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: -LaViere- Heidi
Outfit: Baby Brat - As You Wish Unisex Outfit - Magic (@ All The Little Things)
(includes top, pants w/ belt, mask, head scarf, gloves, and sword)
Pose 1: {willard}(MP) - young & beautiful - 6
Pose 2: {willard}(MP) - young & beautiful - 1
Pose 3: {willard}(MP) - young & beautiful - 2

Just Hanging Out

So today was pretty 'mazing. Spent da day shoppin wif mine Daddy and Sisser. We found lotsa cool stuffs at da Dream Kids Nature Event and at Limited 50 (be prepared for da incoming posts lol). I had a few mini freakouts over da owl things (one of mah favorites) but I got alls da stuff I wanted wif help from mah Daddy. 

I found out from a friend, dat a new kids event is starting May 15th. It's called Little Men's Department and will be based on boy and tomboy style items. Wif how much mine big luffs the original Mens Dept, I am super essited to see how it turns out. He is still taking applications from designers and bloggers too! 

Another thing from today that made me do a little happy dance, my blog already hit 500 views. I know dats not suuuuper impressive, but mine blog has only been up for a week, and it makes me smile.

Imma also joined the Tiny Trinkets blogger team today. I know I'm gonna love seeing da different things she come up with and have so much fun blogging dem.

Finished off da day cuddling wif mah pretty momma while we both worked on things 

Now time for dis tired little girl to go to bed! zzzz


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes - Meadow
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: .ploom. - Mosch
Sweater: {kyoot} Polka-Dot Bunny Hoodie - Orange (@ The Playroom*NEW*
Pants: ::FY:: - Slouchy Denim Jeans - Dark Blue
Ring: Noodles - Delicate Heart Ring
Purse: {T.T} - Anya Purse (GROUP GIFT) *NEW*
Tree: McKidz - Tree of Life Night Light (Red) (@ Dream Kids Mall) *NEW*
Pose 1: {T.T} - Selfie Time Single Pose *NEW*
Pose 2: Purple Poses - Kids 02

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summer is Coming!

Daddy said nooooo pink on his beach... but hims luffs piggies, so imma hoping da seal piggy will be okies. At least I didn't fill hims beach wif sparkles! I was also super surprised to find dat Noodles has some TD sized shoes :O and lotsa cute resizable jewelry, I may haff went on a tiny shoppin' spree when I's couldn't sleep yesserday mornin'. And ohmahgah, dis maxi dress. I was so so so essited when I found it, I didn't fink dey made maxi dresses dat were TD sized. But where I live, it's starting to get really warm and feels like summer already, so bring on da SL summer! 


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Nightscape Eyes - Ivy
Teeth: ::FY:: - Baby Teeth
Hair: [RA] - Jewel Hair
Dress: ::FY:: - Mini Maxi - Yellow
Shoes: Noodles - Savannah Sandals Tan
Glasses: Sweet Baby - Hearts Glasses
Necklace: Noodles - Memoir Locket Gold
Bracelet: Noodles - Fall Into You Charm Bracelet - Gold
Pet: Alchemy - Seal Pups - Cuddle - Piggie

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 So imma found out today that there's a script where you can use omega appliers on the TD mesh body :O. Ohmahgah, imma end up buying so many more clothes. 
Anywhoooo... Imma love wif mah ittle Moopig. We made da piggies biiiig and rode em around da yard until one ran into da ocean and we had to rescue dem. 
Oh, and as yous know Dream Kids Mall - Nature Event starts tomorrow! Yous can find dis cute ittle cow hoodie dere. It comes in more den da regular Toddleedoo sizes; it also fits Tweeniedoo, SMB, and regular sized child avis.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: L'Anguisette - BabyDoll Eyes - Lapis
Hair: .ploom. - Kiera 
Top: {LT} - OpenHoodie - Cow (@ Dream Kids Mall*NEW*
Skirt: { lil unicorn } - Tutu Cute *COMING SOON*
Leggings: :: Miss Canning :: (MP) - HighWaist JEGGINGS Black (Omega Applier)
Shoes: [Cakepop](MP) - Stud-Tops Sneakers - Black
Pet: Schadenfreude - Bessy Moopig Piggie Wiggie

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hickory Dickory Dock

I tried to climb up da clock, but imma tought it might fall ober and I would get in troubles if it brokes. So I settled for running around da house, Lala's fairy garden, and SL as a ittle mouse.

This little outfit is suuuuper cute and mah friend Lily worked so hard on making them. Theys gonna be in a gacha machine at the Dream Kids Mall which opens on April 15th. 


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Reflection Eyes Earth
Hair: Magika - Shimmer
Outfit: [S][A] Poey Mouse Outfit (@ Dream Kids Mall) *NEW*
Clock: [][] bh [][] - butler's clock

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thee Boots Were Made for Walking... and Playing...

So we went to a little carnibal at da Lighting the Way ~ Autism Awareness Sim. I went wif Bast, Lily, Mira, Tuesday, and Cat and we hads soooo much fun. Dere were rides and games and a circus (NO clowns allowed!) and we had cotton candy and sno-cones. I can feel da sugar crash cominggggg... Dere may haff also been singing and dancing in da flowers. Oh and knocking Mira into da water tank, but I wasn't bery good at dat...


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: !Musa! - Agate Eyes Forest
Hair: D!va Hair - Daisy
Shirt: {Petite Bowtique} - Hadley Shirt Turqoise
Pants: {LBM} Blue Jeans (Country Girl Outfit)
Shoes: {LBM} Cowgirl Boots Brown (Country Girl Outfit)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Talk Nerdy to Me.

I simply will never get tired of mah nerd glasses, but dats okies, cuz I needs em for reading all mah books. And da panda phone? AH! Just has to hope mah friend RyRy dun try and steal it from me. Not to mention da cute little puppy; I jus wanna snuggle hims. Da polka spot sweater is brand new by { lil unicorn } and luff luff luff da red pants by Little Trinkets.


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: !Musa! - Agate Eyes Forest
Hair: [LOVE SOUL] - Hair 154
Sweater: { lil unicorn } - PolkaSpot Sweater *NEW*
Pants: {LT} - SkinnyJeans - DarkRed
Shoes: { lil unicorn } - Glitter Bow Flats
Glasses: { lil unicorn } - Nerd Glasses *COMING SOON*
Phone: [RI] - Princess Panda Phone
Bracelet: .trinket. - Fairy Tale Stamped Bracelet - Ever After RARE
Necklace: REIGN. - Hipster Necklaces #16
Puppy: *ionic* - Dobby (@ The Chapter Four)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Books 'n' Bears

I was haffing a bit of a tomboy moment. But how could I resist... dis airplane hoodie was so so cute, and I am absolutely in luff wif mah new lunchbox from da Xiasumi School Fesitval. Dis dollhouse bookshelf was too 'dorbs, and da perfect mix of nerdy and girly.

Last, but certainly not least, dis adorable little bear. Imma had someone gib hims to me, and I wanna take hims ebrywhere. He's one of two bears dat dey are selling dis year and dey are only abailble til May 1st. All da monies will be donated to da Autism Awareness Lighting the Way 2015. 


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: !Musa! - Agate Eyes Forest
Hair: Magika - Shade
Sweater: {LT} - Hoodie - Planes
Shoes: [Cakepop](MP) Studded High Top Sneaker - Powder Blue (R)
Binkie: :>IP JR Binky<: Unicorn Dots - Blue
Ring: MG - Ring - Gigi Shimmer Bow
Bear: LT - Lighting The Way 2015 Autism Bear 2 Biker *LIMITED EDITION*
Lunchbox: <:*BoOgErS*:> LunchBox Lil' Monsters (@ Xiasumi School Fesitval)
Bookcase: {LT} - Doll House Shelf

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Be Our Guest

So mine friend Lala had her birfday party yesserday. And it wasn't jus any birfday party... yous had to dress up like a princes! Now mah faborite Disney moobie is Alice in Wonderland (duh), but she not really a princess, so imma had to go as mah second favorite, Belle.  

We had so much fun! Dere was all kinds of princess decorations, and so many different Disney princesses dere. Olaf eben came!! And we ate lunch and danced and ates lots and lots of cakes. 


Skin: {LPP}(MP) - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: !Musa! - Agate Eyes Forest
Hair: D!va Hair - Judy
Dress: *SF*(MP) Princess Outfit - Yellow (@ the Woodlands*NEW*
Tiara: .tsg. Tiaras - Regal Gold RARE
Candle: *MishMish* Candlelish Holder 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Unicorns Made Me Do It!

I am in luff wif all da stuffs I found at {All The Little Things}. Course, I luff unicorns and rainbows and princesses. And I always haff fun shoppins wif Rian and RyRy and mah family.  Also, super essited for dese new glittery bow shoes!


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Eyes: !Musa! - Agate Eyes Forest
Hair: Magika - The Wish
Sweater: Little Llama - Team Unicorn Shirt (@ All The Little Things) *NEW*
Pants: {LBM} Light Blue Jeans
Shoes: { lil unicorn } Glitter Bow Flats - Pastels (Pink) *NEW*
Binkie: :>IP JR Binky<: Unicorn Dots - White
Necklace: {T.T} Beautiful Princess Necklace (@ All The Little Things) *NEW*
Backpack: [NOIR] Third Eye Backpack - Lights (@ The Chapter Four) *NEW*