Saturday, April 18, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

"You're entirely bonkers. But I'l tell you a secret. All the best people are."

Alice in Wonderland is ma absolute faborite Disney film, eber. Obiously. So dis round of Bro I Gacha made me go a lil crazy. I fink mah faborite part was dat you hafta go down da rabbit hole to get to all da gacha machines. I spent allll mah 'llowance dere lol, but now I haff a fabulous Alice themed room. Daddy eben took me to get a real looking Alice and Cheshire Cat for mah room. Oh, and I got dis binky totally by s'prise. I was getting some princess ones and dis one popped out as a mystery one! Ana tomorrow will be da only day during da year dat won't be Alice themed, cuz it won be mah unbirthday :D


Skin: {LPP} - Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** - Toddleedoo - Baby Girl
Eyes: L'Anguisette - Precious Stones Eyes - Topaz
Hair: [RA] - Velma Hair
Top: {LT} - OpenHoodie - Paisley *NEW*
Pants: ::FY:: - Slouchy Denim Dark Blue
Shoes:  {LT} - SlipOns - Grunge *NEW*
Binky: :>IP JR Binky<: Enchanted Binky - Mystery #1
Glasses: { lil unicorn } - Nerd Glasses *COMING SOON*
Doll: [A.S.T.](MP) - Cute Alice Doll
Tree: .:V:. Paint the Roses Red Wall Art (@ Bro I Gacha) *NEW*
Pictures: #Rewind(MP) - Alice Frames (@ Bro I Gacha*NEW*

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